Primrose Antiques & Gifts


Our gift shop is in a garage used for tractor storage in its former life. This garage was built during the 1940’s and still has the original cement floor and most of the original windows and doors. In contrast to this rustic look, we fill our shop with wonderful antique linens, quilts, dressing gowns, garden smocks, pillows and furniture, all in delightful displays that may jog your memory or bring a smile to your face.

Timeworn garden tools are also showcased with other antique garden goods offering instant history to your garden or home. Displayed among the one-of-a-kind antiques are beautiful soaps, fragrant candles, coffee table books (including the latest in cooking with healthy seasonal foods), a great greeting card selection, and an array of other items suitable for gift giving.

Our displays follow the seasons and offer many ideas for traditional holidays and family celebrations.

Everything we love and that can be considered botanical or horticultural by any stretch of the imagination makes its way to our shop. We hope you will find a treasure in Primrose. Whether a gift to delight a friend, a keepsake for a member of your family or a timeworn piece to grace your home, you can always know you will find the unexpected. We have a great time creating the Primrose look and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.