It’s Bare Root Season!

January through March is bare root season at Christianson’s and that means it’s time to save on the plants you plan on adding to your garden this year. Many plants (fruit, flowering and shade trees) are available as bare root selections.

Beech-Bare-Roots-60-90After dormant plants are dug up, growers wash the soil off the roots and the plants are packed in sawdust (to keep the roots moist) once they arrive at the Nursery. This type of system works well for many woody-based plants, like fruit and nut trees, Hydrangeas and lilacs, cane fruit and some herbaceous edibles such as strawberries, asparagus and rhubarb.

Planting bare root stock comes with several advantages: Bare root plants typically cost far less than container-grown selections and traditional balled and burlap (B&B), and without the cost of soil and a container, the savings are passed on to you! Another advantage bare root stock has over container-grown is its stronger and wider root system that adapts more quickly in our native soil. Ask one of our Nursery experts about how to properly condition and plant a bare root tree or shrub while you’re here.

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John Christensen | January 17, 2018

Do you have a list of available fruit trees? Since I have an hour drive to get to your nursery, I hesitate to make the trip until I know the tree varieties that I want are available. I am especially interested in apple and plum trees. For instance, I would like to get Shiro and Methley plum trees.

Stephanie Banaszak | February 4, 2018

Hi John, Thanks for the inquiry. We just got the list approved and will be posting it today! In reading it, we do have both Shiro and Methley plum trees on the list. One new apple tree that is making a buzz is named ‘Cosmic Crisp’. Google information about it. Our staff is super excited about this new variety.

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