Lavender Bunches: $2.00 a bunch or write a poem

At it peak, we placed bundles of lavender at our cash wrap along with a sing which read:
“Lavender Bunches: $2.00 a bunch OR…Write a poem for any season!”
The following poems resulted. To read all, follow the link here:
Unicorns are the most beautyfall on earth.
Frequent blooms.
In time,
ready for harveting,
bees still linger.
The smell of sunshine on ferns,
The peace that comes from a shady forest grove on a hot summer day.
And the childish joy of tossing rocks in the creek
with someone who makes your heart flutter…
-Ellen Smith
Soft and calm
Collecting stones
A bright, delicious apple
My partner’s arm
Warm coffee
Baby sharing flower petals
dew-covered leaves
walking slow
savoring jasmine, daphne, honeysuckle, and honeybees.
-Jen Gustafson
Have her lavender
steer the deer away
to play at the neighbor’s
it okay.
Cut me a sprig
to tuck behind my wig.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Lavender is gorgeous,
and so are you!
Lavender, you make my heart sing,
You make the rhythm of my heart ring.
Lavender so strong and sweet,
So much like my country.
It makes me weep,
United we stood,
Divided we will fall.
What a tragedy it might be
for one and all.
Speak up!  Speak up!
Before it’s too late.
Perhaps we can still change our fate.

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