Trees, Berries and Shrubs

Ready to start planting?  2017 Fruit Tree & Berries

Please contact our Garden Store to check availability: (360) 466-3821.

We have acres of trees and shrubs, including: ornamental and fruiting trees, many with brilliant fall color; conifers from compact to majestic; many different types of hedging; over 70 varieties of lilacs and 50 varieties of hydrangeas during early spring with many of the varieties available year round; mock orange, spiraeas, camellias, edgeworthia and Zenobia. Over 2000 rhododendron and azalea plants from which to choose, including dwarf to tree size growing varieties and the fragrant Loderi forms. We also stock rare trees and shrubs from China, such as Loropetalum and Davidia involucrata.

Additionally we carry an extensive collection of fruit trees and fruiting shrubs suitable to our climate. They are offered in late winter as bare root plants and throughout the year as containerized plants. And, with the popularity of blueberries rising as it has, we are carrying dozens of varieties year round.

Let us know if there are plants you have not been able to find. We just may have them and, if not, John really enjoys the challenge of finding unusual plants for customers. So leave your name, number and the name of the plant you are searching for in our notebook in the Garden Store and maybe John can find it.