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John loves hearing from customers and do they love to ask him questions! That’s why we started the Ask John! column.   Ask John! is a brand new WEEKLY interview.  Each conversation features an actual question submitted from someone like you!   Here are some questions from our our newsletter readers:

Q:  I’m looking for an evergreen plant, bush or vine that can be used to create privacy on a back porch.  It needs to be in a pot and reach at least 5 feet tall.  Any ideas? -Jennifer, Anacortes, WA

A:   Here are some ideas for your pots:  Espaliered Euonymus, Camellia, Laurus nobilis (Bay), Evergreen clematis: Armandii or Avalanche.  These will stay a nice size for potting and create the privacy you want.  All of these are available at the Nursery.

Q:  Do you offer a beginner gardening class this summer? -Customer in Garden Store

A: Yes!  We have a Saturday class on June 3 at 1:00 p.m. with Cyndi Stuart from The Roost at Roddy Creek.  Cyndi’s high energy will rub off on you as she teaches how to start veggies from seed or plant starts and how to get your ground ready for a successful first season of growing your own harvest.  See our class calendar at:




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