Sorry folks!  As the extenuating circumstances of the coronavirus continue its reach, the Skagit Valley Giant Festival is canceled.  This year, we will hold our Weigh-Off portion (only) outside the Vinery by taking pre-registered growers information that will determine scheduled Weigh-Off time slots.

10th Annual

Skagit Valley Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off (only)

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Submit pumpkins, squash, super-size garden vegetables (zucchini, watermelons, tomatoes, gourds), and flowers (sunflowers)!
At the end of the Weigh-Off, we will hand out prize money and mail prize ribbons home.  Please include your best mailing address when registering.

All entrants must wear a mask (out of the vehicle) and supply their own slim crew.  We will supply the equipment and scale.

2020 SVGWO Pre-Registration Form


$1500 Cash Prize for the Biggest Pumpkin!

Christianson’s Nursery is an official weigh-off site for the Giant Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC),
an international organization sanctioned to submit giant pumpkin world records!

First Place Giant Pumpkin Winner $1500
2nd Place-$750
3rd Place-500
4th Place $200
5th Place $100
6th Place $50
7th Place $50
8th Place $25
9th Place $25
10th Place $25



After the Weigh-Off, look for the top prize-winning pumpkins to be on display in front of the Garden Store.  Take an image with the pumpkin and tag us at #ChristiansonsNursery and we will share your pic on our Skagit Valley Giant Pumpkin Festival Facebook page!


A Special Thanks to and Sponsored by

Gordon Skagit Farms

Coastal Farm & Ranch

Skagit Valley Co-op,

and the Pacific Northwest Giant Pumpkin Growers

2020 SVGWO Pre-RegistrationForm

Email Us Your Pre-Registration Form


How it works:
The official Weigh-Off portion (only) will take place outside the Vinery (the new building north of the Nursery) by taking pre-registered grower information to determine scheduled Weigh-Off time slots.  To enter into the Weigh-Off, download the Skagit Valley Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off Form below and pre-register to compete. Most of the same official rules apply to this year’s Weigh-Off and details can be found in the pre-registration form.
1.)  Email us your pre-registration form; growers may enter up to two pumpkins and one squash (see rules on Form)
2.) You will be emailed a confirmation and Weigh-Off time based on the size of your pumpkin’s estimated weight; get measurements of your pumpkin or squash from your garden as close to the September competition date, then submit. The pumpkins that we anticipate will be the heaviest will have a later time slot.
3.) Arrive at the Nursery 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time
4.) Drive through the south parking lot (where pumpkins are normally dropped off) to the North Meadow Field (located south of the Vinery) and wait there until your name is announced
5.) Masks must be worn once out of the vehicle; you must provide your own Slim Crew who will sling pumpkin(s) directly into the straps on the forklift and then to the scale
6.) The official weight will be recorded, shown, and announced
7.) Depending on its weight, you will be asked to park on the East side of the Vinery or be directed to re-load and drive home; no rows of display pumpkins this year or Howard Dill
8.) Top winners will be announced once all pumpkins are weighed and prize money awarded;  all prize ribbons will be mailed to your home





At 1548 pounds of pumpkin, Lee squashed the record held by local growers.

The Giant Pumpkin Commonwealth, a world-wide organization designated to record world records, stated:

“There were 107 sites for weigh-offs around the world in 2017.

Second place most improved site with 67% from 2016 was Christianson’s Nursery Weigh-off in Mount Vernon, Washington.”


First Place: Lee Roof, 
Oak Harbor, WA:  #1,548

Second Place: Joel Holland, Sumner, WA:  #1,415

Third Place: Brett Cooper, Corvalis, OR:  #1,315.5

Fourth Place: Jim Sherwood, Mulino, WA:  #1,270.5

Fifth Place: Jack La Rue, Tenino, WA:  #1,104

Sixth Place: Ryan Joyner, Graham, WA:  #881.5

Seventh Place: Joan DeVries, Mount Vernon, WA:  #836.5

Eighth Place: Brandon Sawyer, Mount Vernon, WA: #826.5

Ninth Place: Harm De Vries, Mount Vernon, WA:  #753

Tenth Place, Squash:  Jenna Joyner, Graham, WA:  #659

A special note of thanks to the Pacific Northwest Giant Pumpkin Growers Club and Club Representative & Emcee, Lee Roof, and Club President and Recorders, Ryan Joyner, Jena Joyner, and Irene Puhr.