November Specials

November 1st-18th ground covers kinnickinnick, ivy, juniper, salal, cotoneaster, vinca, pachysandra, euonymous 20% off November 16th-30th Camelias winter and spring flowering camellias in bud or bloom 1 gallon-5 gallon sizes 20% off Camellia ‘Tom Knudsen’

October Specials

Fall is For Planting!   October 1 – 14 conifer sale tall and dwarf evergreens, including spruce, fir, cypress, pine, and junipers 20% off     October 15 -31 hedging sale laurel, boxwood, Japanese holly, Leyland cypress, privet, and arborvitae 20% off  

Water Gardens; Hardy & Tropical Water Plants

Are you into little water gardens in a big way? Water plants, or plants that have adapted to living in aquatic environments, are now available in both hardy and tropical varieties and in various sizes at Christianson’s Nursery. What’s the difference between hardy and tropical water plants? Water lilies, cattails, iris, pickerel weed are examples…