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Celebrating Summer!

Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.”

– Erin Flett


You’ve heard people say, “If these walls could talk,” but what if it was your grandmother’s pie pan that could talk? Think of the stories it could tell — the impromptu “stay for coffee!” chats with dear friends around the kitchen table, the heart-to-heart conversations between mothers and daughters as they peeled the apples and rolled out the dough.

That pie pan was there for countless family gatherings over the years. It welcomed new neighbors with warm, bubbling, fragrant pies, the kind you remember but can never quite duplicate. If that pan could talk, you might even finally learn your grandmother’s ever-elusive secret to making the perfect pie crust.

All vintage and antique items share this gift, this secret life of stories reaching back to times and places that came long before us. Knowing the story of each piece, especially from our own families, would certainly be fascinating — but even if we can’t know them all, we can still imagine.

And maybe that’s wonderful in its own way? Simply knowing that each precious find has a unique life history, and imagining the treasure trove of stories it holds, makes it captivating, even magical.

Every year as we prepare for Christianson’s Midsummer Antique Fair and Vintage Market – held this year on August 9th and 10th – we think a lot about why we love these pieces so much.  Brenda Cornett, our merchandiser and antique expert/buyer, can immediately count the many reasons behind her passion and delight in antiques and vintage pieces — their exquisite craftsmanship, their unique design and utility, their surprising harmony in modern decor, the interest and quirky appeal they hold for young people.

“They remind me of what life was like when my grandparents were alive,” Brenda says. “They bring back memories from my childhood. They represent traditions, tools, and useful arts and crafts that are no longer with us. I feel that it is my responsibility to keep this history alive!” 

Anyone tagging along with Brenda on a shopping trip for Primrose knows how excited she can be when finding the perfect assortment of “new” old pieces. If Brenda happens to be here in the shop next time you visit, she’s always happy to talk with you and answer any questions about our collection of antique and vintage items.

In the meantime, here are a couple of helpful articles filled with great information about shopping at vintage fairs and antique markets. Enjoy, and happy shopping!

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