Find Home & Garden Inspiration this Season


Step in from the cold early spring day, into our cozy shop, where the dawn of March brings forth a celebration of curated home goods and timeless antiques. You will find pieces that reflect both elegance and nostalgia, carefully selected to add character to your living spaces. As we embrace the fresh start of the season, and in anticipation of Easter, Primrose invites you to explore a curated collection that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the charm of vintage finds. From Easter basket stuffers, plush children’s toys, timeless children’s clothing, sweets, and games, you will find something delightful to celebrate the spring ahead.
From intricately crafted home décor to one-of-a-kind antiques, each item tells a story. Find inspiration in the details as you peruse through shelves adorned with vintage glassware, inspired textiles, and handpicked antiques. We hope you will find books, gifts, and wares that fill your home with warmth, personality, and a touch of timeless elegance. Celebrate the art of thoughtful curation this new year, and let Primrose be your guide in transforming your living spaces into a space you adore. Visit us today and bring home something you love!