Yippee – June is here! Summer Solstice and Father’s Day are both coming up on Sunday, June 20th. On top of that, it’s berry season and roses are blooming! There’s so much to look forward to, but if you do a Google search on how to prepare for summer, the advice is rather dreary. Clean the garage, tune up the bikes, scrub the grill, do a detox diet, clean out your medicine cabinet, and so on. Seriously? Where’s the joy?
Our Primrose team has come up with some optional ‘summer preparedness’ suggestions we think you might find a bit more enjoyable. For example…
  • Gather up all your spring ‘To Do’ lists, tuck them into a folder, label it ‘Fall Projects,’ and set it aside. Summer is for living! This is the season for wandering, adventuring, relaxing, and gathering with friends and loved ones. Carpe diem!
  • Create a ‘Ready for Anything’ summer kit. Fill a large basket with your most often used summer essentials – picnic blankets, sunblock, mosquito repellent, extra sunglasses, hats, playing cards, snacks, and so on. Then place your kit by the backdoor so it’s always ready to bring out to the patio or pop in the car.
Primrose is well stocked with lots of goodies for your summer kits, including yummy picnic food items, hiking guides, sunblock, games, sun hats, and much more!
We’re happy to report that we did find some fun tips for summer living online. For example…
  • Doritos can be substituted for firestarters under the grill or in a fire pit
  • Lemon juice helps remove berry stains from hands
  • Toothpaste helps soothe bug bites
  • A eucalyptus branch tied to your shower head will help soothe and relax you (plus it will make your bathroom smell lovely!)
  • Little bowls of lemon halves topped with whole cloves can be placed on your outdoor tables to keep yellow jackets and flies away
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Antique Silver Plate Toast Rack Sheffield England Richard Richardson Atkin Brothers Vintage Letter Holder Note Holder Home Office

These Antique Silver Plate Toast Racks (sold individually) are beautiful, as well as functional! They are perfect for holding toast (their original purpose), napkins, or a unique holder for bills, receipts, letters or cards. What a great way to insert some history into your decor!


50c – Unmarked, heavier tarnish, sturdy, 3.75″L x 2.75″W x 4.26″H (top of handle)

29c – Marked “MADE IN ENGLAND,” thick arches and ball feet. 5.5″L x 3.25″W x 4″H (top of handle)
25c – Marked “R.R. Sheffield ERNS,” shield with back-to-back R’s and another shield with “EST 1796” in it, Model# “5488,” Sheffield England, Richard Richardson maker, 1873-1889.  Sturdy with wide metal base and ball feet. 5.25″L x 2.75″W x 5.25″H (top of handle)
57c – Marked “HA, EA, FA,” “ERNS,” hand-holding torch, Model# “4718,” Sheffield England, Atkin Brothers maker, 1853-(approx)1900. Bottoms of arches are set wider apart so they can hold wider items better. Base pieces are slightly bent in spots. 4.75″L x 3″W x 4.75″H (top of handle)

These items have not been polished (we like them best that way!). Please let us know if you would like more pictures.