Weeping Eastern White Pine
Silberlocke Korean Fir
Coral Bark Japanese Maple


Using trees and shrubs as an overall mix of color and texture in your landscape is a great way to bring a variegated blend of plant life to your garden.

Coniferous Evergreen


Evergreen conifers create structure in the garden, providing year-round interest and a backdrop to other flowering shrubs and perennials. They can also stand alone with their many wonderful shapes, colors, and textures.

Use conifers to frame an entrance, screen, spruce up your containers, or decorate for the holidays.


Classification Rate Size in 10 years
Miniature Less than 1″ per year 10-12″
Dwarf 1″-6″ per year 1′-6′
Semi-dwarf 6″-12″ per year 6′-15′
Large More than 12″ per year Over 15′


Flowering Trees

Stewartias are among many wonderful flowering trees we like to highlight and come from Japan, Korea, and the southeastern U.S. All are slow-growing, with year-round interest that show off fresh green leaves in spring, white flowers resembling camellias in May-June, and colorful leaves in autumn.

Exfoliating bark creates a beautiful spectacle in winter after leaves fall. Stewartias make lovely specimen trees as well. They can also tolerate a bit of shade, and prefer sharply drained soil.

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