Bombastic Bug-Blasting Compendium

Our greenhouses create favorable conditions for pesky bugs, making it a challenge to keep ahead of pest management.  The effects of pesticides stop insect populations dead in their tracks.  But what most people don’t realize is that pesticides are not selective. They will not only exterminate the “bad” bugs but the “good” ones as well.

Using harsh methods of pest control doesn’t align with our environmental values, and that is why Christiansons is using beneficial insects in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.  Spearheaded by staff members, Lily Hirdler and Rebekah Dosa, the use of beneficial insect populations (in our greenhouses) effectively controls and kills bad pests without harming the beneficial insects, or the insects that perform a valued service like pollination and pest control.

For maximum effectiveness, Lily and Rebekah order a bi-weekly shipment of predatory bugs, including a shaker jar of Amblyselus fallacis, insects that feast on spider mites.  They are sprinkled onto parlor palms, dracaena, and lemon verbena.  Aphytis melinus arrive in live bug form and are released onto older succulents and tropicals to attack citrus scale and mealybug.  In order to save the fuchsias from aphids, we shake on Green Lacewing larvae suspended in vermiculite!

As the greenhouse conditions change (longer, hotter days), the changes in pest management will become a horticultural experiment for Lily and Rebekah.  Stay tuned.

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