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Phlebodium aureum; A Fern for Low Light

We can’t say enough good things about this species of fern; its low maintenance requirements are perfect for those who tend to neglect their plants and its ability to thrive in low lit areas of your home, such as a living room, is aesthetically satisfying.

Phlebodium aureum has been named and renamed over time.  You may know it commonly as Blue Star Fern, Aureum gold-although there’s nothing gold about it-or by its larger species name, Polypodium.  Phlebodium aureum is an epiphytic fern or a fern that grows on the surface of a host and derives its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, water, or from the debris around it.  Much like an orchid, their root system consists of finger-like creeping rhizomes that eventually grow and travel up and over its container to reach for moisture in the air.  Water from the sides so as not to saturate the center of the roots as this fern prefers to stay more on the dry side.

Blue Star Ferns are also content when placed in a north or eastern-facing window and will develop distinguishing ripples in its foliage; if there is not enough light, they will blue up, hence the common name Blue Star Fern.  Growing up to 3 feet, warning signs to re-pot include when all roots have grown up to the edge of the pot, and it dries out more often after normal watering.

Find Blue Star Ferns and other species of ferns in the Conservatory.

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