Adding houseplants into your home will bring beauty and nature inside. We carry a large variety of sizes, colors, and textures; choose from irresistibly fragrant Jasmine and Gardenia to exotic, easy-care Orchids to low maintenance air plants, fiddle leaf fig, pilea, rubber tree plants, and staghorn fern.

Do your houseplants have the winter blues?  Plants that don’t get enough light and continuous watering can disease and degrade quickly.  Place your plant next to a bright window for the next couple of months and water as needed by doing the finger test.  With your index finger, poke it into the potted plant’s soil.  If you have soil on your finger when you remove it, your plant has enough moisture.  If it feels dry, then give it a drink from the faucet and let the water fully drain before returning it.

Similar to water, don’t over-fertilize your house plants in the winter. If your plants are healthy, skip fertilizing altogether. If it has been a while and you believe they may benefit from nutrients, dilute the fertilizer by 50 percent before applying, to care for winter indoor plants.

A wonderful houseplant found in the Conservatory is an uncommon selection of hybrid and species orchids.  Most of them are forming flower buds to bloom around the new year. Diverse colors range from chartreuse to warm cocoa and white petals spotted with fuschia.  All are guaranteed to brighten any home during the long Pacific Northwest winter.



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