Christianson’s Class Calendar

September 2021


Greens You Should Eat

Saturday, September 11th, 10:00 a.m. – 11 a.m.
class fee $15
Suzanne Butler
*Inside the Schoolhouse
Call for reserve your spot today at 360-466-3821

Take a new look at the greens you’re supposed to eat but you don’t find delicious. You will taste preparations of kale, Swiss chard, and collards that just might change your mind. Suzanne will prepare kale and chickpeas in a spicy Pomodoro sauce on polenta, which is her favorite vegetarian meal. She will also introduce a variety of greens and garnishes for delicious summer meals.



Designing Seasonal Containers

Saturday, September 25th, 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
up to 10 reservations allowed, class fee: $85
Laura Campbell
*Demonstration in the Potting Shed
Two reservations remain available (8/11/21). Call for reserve your spot today at 360-466-3821


Do your over-summered containers need a Fall makeover? In this workshop, everything you need to create a beautiful Fall container will be provided; including step-by-step instruction from container designer Laura Campbell. Using a Low Boy terra cotta pot and a mixture of pre-selected hardy plants that can later be planted in your garden, you will view a quick demonstration and learn trade secrets along the way about how to design a potted container for your porch or entryway. The workshop will be in the Potting Shed. Class limit: 10



Complimentary Summer Webinars:

Did you miss the live webinar presentations?  No worries.  The links below are available to watch on-demand and at your convenience.

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Summer Pruning

complimentary Zoom webinar

Many gardeners are timid or even fearful of pruning trees and shrubs in summer. There are good reasons to be cautious, as overzealous pruning at this time of year can stress and weaken plants. With that in mind, summer is an ideal time to solve a few specific pruning goals like overzealous water sprouts on small trees and shrubs that are growing out of bounds? Just not sure what to prune or not to prune?  Watch to learn from author and Northwest Flower and Garden Festival speaker, Christina Pfeiffer how to do the right pruning on the right plants and what not to prune this time of year.


Any Herb! A Sensory Discovery in the Herb Garden

complimentary Zoom webinar
Click here to watch “Any Herb! A Sensory Discovery in the Herb Garden” with author and speaker Sue Goetz

Discover the top ten (plus a few more) common herbs and their medicinal and culinary properties with author, and Northwest Flower and Garden Festival speaker Sue Goetz. In this class,  discover which herbs to plant for color and fragrance to attract pollinators, as well as which to plant for healing properties. Sue will provide gardening advice and harvesting tips, and her recipes can be adapted to the herbs growing in your garden. Learn how to combine these herbs to create dishes robust in flavor.




Raised Bed Gardening

complimentary Zoom webinar

Click here to watch ‘Raised Bed Gardening’ with Sarah Wagstaff from SUOT Farm and Flowers on-demand

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View ‘Intro to Hugelkulture’ link here

Learn how to build a raised bed with minimal materials, equipment, and cost. Understand all the basic aspects of creating and maintaining a raised bed garden by adapting foundational horticultural concepts to suit your specific circumstances. Local owner and avid agriculturist, Sarah Wagstaff of SUOT Farm and Flowers, will give you the confidence you need to create a beautiful, productive growing space that will last for years. Visit Sarah’s new retail store SUOT Floral Studio in Burlington, where the fruits of her labor are sold. Directions are in her bio@SuotFarm on Instagram.


Summer Care for Roses

complimentary Zoom webinar

Click here to watch ‘Summer Care for Roses’ with Rosarian Jeff Wyckoff on-demand

Although many new rose varieties are disease resistant, all roses are susceptible to black spot and other bothersome pests. Rosarian Jeff Wyckoff presents methods for keeping your roses healthy and blooming throughout the summer.



Floral Arranging; From Garden to Vase

Click here to watch “Floral Arranging; From Garden to Vase” with Kelli Walker from Country Bouquets Floral 

“We are in the midst of a locally grown flower renaissance in the Skagit Valley. People are drawn to flower designs that look as though they were gathered straight from the garden.” -Kelli Walker

Learn to create a beautiful floral design using fresh-cut flowers from your garden! In our newest class offering, we are excited to feature local owner and floral designer Kelli Walker from Country Bouquets Floral to demonstrate the assembly of a floral arrangement using fresh-cut flowers straight from the garden. Transfer Kelli’s visual template to make floral inspirations for your home table or an unexpected garden gift for others.

Follow Kelli on Instagram @CountryBouquetsFloral.