Experienced gardeners know that to attract various pollinators, they must plant a wide array of plants in their garden. Growing a mix of both native and varietal plants adds essential habitats while also providing an adequate food supply and protection for hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and other insects.

Recently, we have been busy loading our tables with nectar-filled perennials that pollinators love!  Examples include (from left to right) Shasta Daisies and Salvias ‘Hot Lips’ and ‘Blue Marvel.’ Want to take a deep dive into which specific plants attract pollinators?  Download this guide for Pacific Lowland Pollinators

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Acres of Plants and Restored Greenhouses

A community favorite, Christianson’s Nursery & Greenhouse readies a diverse selection of high-quality and healthy plants specific to the Pacific Northwest.  The charm of its distinguishable restored glass greenhouses, 1888 fully restored Schoolhouse, and authentic hand-selected antiques and gift store imbibe customers with a rich sense of history.  Shop for your indoor space or outdoor garden and discover our ever-changing inventory of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees or amend your soil with quality topsoil, mulches, and compost. Our incredible selection is curated with plant material that thrives in our Pacific Northwest Maritime climate.



Fruit Tree List 2024

Check out our 2024 fruit tree list with varieties suited for the Pacific Northwest.

Download Christianson’s Fruit Tree List

Whether you are new to the bare root season or an old pro, our fruit tree list will point you toward the best-growing fruit trees west of the Cascades.


      NEW!  Christianson’s Apple Pollination Chart based on our Fruit Tree List 2024!

Download Christianson’s Apple Pollination Chart 

Have a garden project but don’t know where to begin? 

Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you with your selections and plant care advice.

Download our Fruit Tree List to learn of our entire selection!



Please contact us to find out more about our current availability*
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