November Specials

November 1-15

Ground Covers

Kinnikinnick, ivy, juniper, salal and more!

15% off

November 18-30


Winter and spring flowering Camellias in bud or bloom, all sizes

15% off

October Specials

October 1-13


tall and dwarf evergreens, including spruce, fir, cypress, pine, and junipers

15% off

October 14-31


laurel, boxwood, photinia, Japanese holly, Leyland cypress, privet, and arborvitae

15% off

September Specials

September 1-15

All perennials, roses, hydrangeas and vines (excluding grapes)

15% off

September 16-30

Fruit, flowering and shade trees, rhododendrons, and azaleas

15% off

August Specials

August 1-18

Outdoor Containers

our huge selection of small to very large glazed and terracotta indoor and outdoor containers

15% off

August 19-31

Summer Heather

hardy blooming plants in a variety of colors

15% off


Water Plants

waterlilies, floating plants, iris, and more

20% off

July Specials

July 1-7


including inpatients, petunias, begonias, geraniums, pack vegetables, 4-inch vegetables, and 6-inch vegetables

30% off


Lemon Sale

ugly plants with beautiful futures- trees, shrubs, and perennials

50-70% off

July 8-14


our selection of summer-blooming favorites including hortensias, lacecape, oakleaf, and peegee tree forms

15% off

July 15-31

Summer Herbs

basil, lavender, oregano, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and more

15% off




June Specials

June 1-16


clematis, honeysuckle, jasmine, wisteria, akebia, and more


15% off

June 17-30


our best selection of perennials in 4-inch, quarts and 1-gallon pots

15% off

May Specials

May 13 – 19

Shady Days
shade-loving, tuberous begonias and fancy, double, and New Guinea impatiens
15% off

May 20 – 31

Fuchsia Starts
2, 4, and 6-inch hardy and upright varieties
15% off

April Specials

April 11-28

Rhododendrons and Azaleas

a wide variety, from deciduous and fragrant, to re-blooming and evergreen

15% off

April 29-May 5

Basket Stuffers

premium annuals growing in 2-inch pots for container planting

 (regularly $3.98 each)

15% off

March Specials

March 1-13

bare root

the best selection of the year!

fruit, flowering, and shade trees, cane berries, lilacs, and hydrangeas

20% off

March 14-31

all camellias

winter and spring-flowering beauties

many in bloom

20% off

February Specials

February 1-13

winter heath and heather

20% off

February 14-28

all roses

20% off

February 26-27

all hellebores

20% off

(two days only)