Adding a rose variety to your garden is an exciting process for gardeners. While so many of the new and returning varieties have exquisite blooms and are easy to grow, choosing unique rose characteristics, such as specific growth habits or bloom times that compliment your existing varieties requires some planning. Christianson’s Rose List 2020 is formatted to help you identify the perfect variety by the group (Modern, English, Climbing, Rugosa, Groundcover, Miniature/Mini, and Tree Roses), then variety name, and type (A) = Alba, etc., followed by color and other characteristics. During the winter, our roses are displayed in Greenhouse #5 and laid out according to our Rose List 2020, making each rose category easier to locate.

This Spring, throughout our rose classes and Rose Festival, we will pay tribute to the English breeder, David Austin, whose contributions in breeding venerated English rose varieties have spurred a renewed enthusiasm for rose gardening. We hope you enjoy seeking out your interests in the Christianson’s Rose List 2020 insert and discover the many varieties of David Austin roses as well as more than 90 new or returning varieties totaling our beautiful collection to over 550 varieties of roses!

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All of our roses are grown in 5-gallon containers

Variety (Followed by type, color and price)

Bold = new or returning for 2020


Modern Roses $29.98 each
About Face (GR) Ob
Alfred Sisley (SH) O/Y
All Dressed Up (GR) P
All My Loving (HT) P
Anastasia (HT) W
All the Rage     (SH) Ab   * +  
Anastasia (HT) W        
Angel Face (FL) M vf
Anisley Dickson (FL) Ob *
Anna’s Promise (GR) Ob
Anthony Meilland (FL) Y +
Apricot Candy (HT) A +
Apricots n’ Cream (HT) Ab
Arctic Blue (FL) M
Barbra Streisand (HT) M vf
Baronne de Rothschild (HT) P vf *
Beautiful Day (HT) A K
Best Kept Secret   (HT) Pb vf   +  
Betty White   (HT) Pb      
Beverly (HT) P vf K
Bewitched (HT) P
Big Momma (HT) P vf
Bill Reid   (SH) Y     +  
Black Baccara (HT) R
Bliss (FL) Pb K
Blue Girl (HT) M K
Bolero (FL) W vf +
Bonica (SH) P * +
Bordeaux     (SH) R       K
Brandy (HT) Ab
Bright and Shiny     (FL) Ab     +  
Brilliant Pink Iceberg     (FL) P     +  
Bull’s Eye (SH) Wb +
Calypso (SH) Ab +
Camille Pissaro   (FL) R/Y    
Campfire   (SH) Y/B     +  
Celestial Night (FL) M
Ch-Ching (GR) Y vf
Champagne Wishes (SH) W +
Chicago Peace (HT) Pb
Chihuly (FL) Ob
Chinook Sunrise (SH) Ab +
Chris Evret (HT) Ob
Chrysler Imperial (HT) R vf
Country Dancer (SH) P * +
Crazy Love (GR) Y + K
Cream Veranda (FL) A + K
Crimson Bouquet (GR) R K
Dainty Bess (HT) P * +
Dancing in the Dark (FL) R
Dark Desire (HT) Rb vf K
Dark Knight (HT) Rb
Day Breaker (FL) Ab *
Dee-lish (HT) P vf
Delaney Sisters   (GR) P/W vf
Desmond Tutu   (FL) R     + K
Dick Clark (GR) Pb
Distant Drums (SH) Pb *
Doris Day (FL) Y vf
Double Delight (HT) Rb vf *
Dream Come True (GR) Yb
Drop Dead Red (FL) R
Earth Angel (FL) Pb vf + K
Easter Basket (FL) Yb +
Easy Does It (FL) Ab
Easy Going (FL) Y *
Easy on the Eyes (SH) Mb +
Easy Spirit (FL) W
Ebb Tide (FL) M vf
Elle     (HT) Pb
Elmshorn (SH) P * + K
Emily Carr   (SH) R     +  
Eternal Flame (HT) Y vf +
Eyeconic Mango Lemonade (SH) Ab +
Eyeconic Plum Lemonade   (SH) Ab     +  
Falling in Love (HT) Pb vf
Fiji     (HT) P     + K
Fire Opal     (FL) W       K
Firecracker     (SB) Ob     + K
Fired Up (FL) Y/Ob +
Firefighter (HT) R vf
First Crush (FL) P K
Folklore (HT) Ob vf * K
Forever Rose   (FL) W
Forever Yours   (HT) R
Fragrant Cloud (HT) Ob vf *
Fragrant Plum (GR) M vf
Francis Meilland (HT) P vf +
Frida Kahlo (FL) R/Yb
Gemini (HT) Pb *
George Burns (FL) Y/Rb
Gilded Sun (FL) Y +
Gold Medal (GR) Y *
Golden Wings (SH) Y *
Good as Gold (HT) O
Granada (HT) Rb vf
Grande Amore (HT) R K
Grande Dame (HT) P vf
Gypsy Soul (SH) R K
Heirloom (HT) M vf
Helmet Schmidt   (HT) Y       K
Henry Fonda (HT) Y
High Voltage     (SH) Y   * +  
Honey Dijon     (GR) Y  
Honey Perfume     (FL) Y vf
Honor (HT) W
Hot Cocoa (FL) Rb *
Iceberg (FL) W * + K
Icecap (SH) W * +
In Your Eyes   (SH) P/Y     +  
Ingrid Bergman (HT) R *
Intrigue (FL) Mb
John F Kennedy (HT) W
Judy Garland (FL) Y
Julia Child (FL) Y vf *
Julie Andrews   (HT) P vf
Jump for Joy (FL) A
Just Joey (HT) Ob vf *
Kardinal (SH) R * + K
Kashmir   (SH) R     +  
Keepsake (HT) Pb K
Ketchup & Mustard (FL) O/R
Kiss Me   (GR) Pb Vf   +  
Knock Out (SH) R * +
Blushing Knock Out (SH) P     +  
Coral Knock Out (SH) O   * +  
Double Knock Out (SH) R * +
Pink Double Knock Out (SH) P * +
Rainbow Knock Out (SH) Pb
Sunny Knock Out (SH) Y +
White Knock Out (SH) W * +
Koko Loko (FL) Mb
Kosmos Fairy Tale   (FL) W       K
La Perla   (HT) Y       K
Lagerfeld   (GR) M vf  
Lasting Love (HT) R vf
Lasting Peace   (GR) O
Lava Flow (FL) R * K
Lavender Veranda (FL) M + K
Le Petit Prince (FL) Mb vf
Lemon Fizz (SH) Y + K
Leonardo da Vinci (FL) P +
Let Freedom Ring   (HT) R   *  
Life of the Party (FL) Yb vf
Little Mischief     (SH) P     +  
Liv Tyler (HT) P vf *
Livin’ Easy (FL) O *
Love (GR) Rb
Love at First Sight   (HT) Rb
Love & Peace (HT) Pb vf +
Love’s Magic (HT) R * K
Love’s Promise (HT) R vf
Macy’s Pride   (SH) W   *    
Madame Anisette (GR) Ab vf K
Mango Veranda (FL) O + K
Marc Chagall   (FL) P/Y
Mardi Gras (FL) Ob
Margaret Merril (FL) W vf *
Marilyn Monroe (HT) Ab *
Marmalade Skies (FL) O *
Maurice Utrillo (HT) R/Y
Melody Parfumee   (GR) M vf
Memorial Day (HT) M vf
Midas Touch (HT) Y
Miranda Lambert (HT) P vf
Miss Congeniality (GR) Wb
Mister Lincoln (HT) R vf *
Moondance (FL) W
Moonlight in Paris (FL) Pb vf
Moonlight Romantica (HT) Yb vf +
Moonstone (HT) Wb *
Mrs. Oakley Fisher   (HT) Y   *  
M.S. Hershey   (HT) Y
Neil Diamond (HT) R/W vf
Neptune (HT) M vf
Nevada (SH) W * +
Never Alone   (SH) Rb
New Zealand (HT) P vf
Nicole (FL) Rb K
Nicole Carol Miller (GR) Mb vf
Octoberfest (GR) Ob
Oh, Happy Day     (HT) Ab     + K
Oh My! (SH) R
Olympiad (HT) R *
Opening Night (HT) R
Oranges n’ Lemons (SH) O/Y +
Orchid Romance (FL) Mb vf
Oscar Peterson     (SH) W
 Oso Easy Cherry Pie (SH) R +
Pink Cupcake   (SH) P     +  
Italian Ice (SH) Pb +
Lemon Zest (SH) Y +
Our Anniversary   (FL) M
Outta the Blue (SH) Mb vf * +
Over the Moon (HT) A
Paint the Town   (SH) R   * +  
Papa Meiland   (HT) R vf
Parade Day (GR) Pb vf
Pascali (HT) W
Peace (HT) Yb *
Peach Swirl (HT) Ab vf
Perfect Moment   (HT) R/Y   *   K
Perfume Delight (HT) P vf
Peter Mayle (HT) P vf * +
Pillowfight (SH) W * +
Pink Brick House   (FL) P     +  
Pinkerbelle (HT) Pb vf +
Playboy (FL) Rb *
Plum Perfect (FL) Mb * + K
Polar Express (FL) W * K
Polynesian Punch (FL) Ob +
Pope John Paul II (HT) W
Poseidon (FL) M * K
Pretty Lady Rose (HT) P *
Pretty Polly Lavender (PO) M     +  
Pretty Polly Pink (PO) P     +  
Pretty Polly White (PO) W     +  
Princesse Charlene de Monaco (HT) A vf +
Pumpkin Patch (FL) O
Queen Elizabeth (GR) P *
Queen Mary II (HT) W +
Queen of Elegance   (FL) P vf  
Radiant Perfume (GR) Y vf
Rainbow Sorbet   (FL) Y/P   *  
Raspberry Kiss (SH) Pb
Ring of Fire (HT) Ob
Rio Samba (HT) Ob
Rock & Roll (GR) R/W vf
Rosie the Riveter (FL) Ob
Rouge Royale (HT) R vf
Roxanne Veranda   (FL) R     + K
Sally Holmes (SH) W *
Savannah (HT) P vf + K
Savoy Hotel (HT) Pb *
Scentimental (FL) R/W vf
Scentuous     (SH) P vf    
Seafoam     (SH) W      
Secret (HT) Pb vf *
Sedona (HT) Ob vf
Sevillana (SH) Rb +
Sexy Rexy (FL) P *
Sheila’s Perfume (HT) Yb vf *
Shirley’s Bouquet (HT) W vf
Sierra Lady   (FL) A     + K
Singin’ in the Rain   (FL) Ab        
Smokin’ Hot (HT) Ob
Sonnenwelt   (SH) A Vf     K
South Africa (GR) O * + K
Souvenir de Baden Baden (HT) Pb vf * K
Sparkle & Shine (FL) Y +
Stainless Steel   (HT) M vf      
State of Grace   (GR) Ab        
Sterling Silver   (HT) M vf      
St. Tropez (FL) Ab
Stephens’ Big Purple (HT) M
Stiletto   (HT) M vf   +  
Strike it Rich (GR) Yb vf
Sugar Moon (HT) W vf
Summer Romance (FL) P vf + K
Summer Sun   (FL) Ob       K
Sunbeam Veranda   (FL) Yb     + K
Sun Flare (FL) Y *
Sunorita   (SH) Yb     +  
Sunset Celebration (HT) A *
Sunsprite (FL) Y vf *  K
Super Hero   (FL) R   * +  
Sweet Fragrance   (GR) A vf * +  
Sweet Jane   (FL) Yb       K
Sweet Mademoiselle (HT) Pb vf +
Sweet Spirit (GR) R vf +
Tahitian Sunset (HT) Ab
Tequila Gold     (FL) Y     +  
The McCartney Rose     (HT) P vf *    
Tiffany (HT) Pb vf *
Top Gun (SH) R +
Touch of Class (HT) Pb *
Toulouse Lautrec (HT) Y vf
Tournament of Roses (HT) P *
Tropicana (HT) O vf
Trumpeter (FL) O/R *
Twilight Zone (GR) M vf
Vavoom (FL) O
Veteran’s Honor   (HT) R   *  
Violet’s Pride (FL) Mb vf
Voodoo   (HT) Ob vf      
Watercolors Home Run   (SH) Pb     +  
Wedding Bells (HT) P * K
White Licorice (FL) W vf
White Veranda   (FL) W vf  
Wild Blue Yonder (GR) M vf
Winter Sun (HT) Y K

English Roses $34.98 each

Abraham Darby Ab vf * +
Ambridge Rose Ab vf *
Benjamin Britten Rb vf +
Boscobel P vf +
Brother Cadfael P
Carding Mill Ab vf * +
Charles Darwin Y vf * +
Charlotte Y vf * +
Claire Austin W vf +
Crocus Rose Yb vf *
Crown Princess Margareta Ab vf +
Darcey Bussell R vf +
Desdemona W vf
Eglantyne P vf * +
England’s Rose       P     +  
Falstaff R +
Gentle Hermione P vf +
Gertrude Jekyll P vf +
Golden Celebration Y vf * +
Grace A *
Graham Thomas Y * +
Harlow Carr P vf
Heathcliff R
Heritage P vf *
Imogen Y
James L. Austin     P     +  
Jubilee Celebration P vf *
Jude the Obscure Yb vf *
Lady Emma Hamilton Yb vf *
Lady of Shalott Ob
L.D.Braithwaite R vf +
Lichfield Angel W * +
Lillian Austin     Ab Vf * +
Mary Rose P vf * +
Molineux Y vf * +
Munstead Wood R vf *
Olivia Rose Austin P vf * +
Othello R
Port Sunlight Ab vf
Princess Alexandra of Kent P vf * +
Princess Anne P * +
Queen of Sweden P *
Roald Dahl Ab
Rose Marie     W   *    
Royal Jubilee     P vf   +  
Scepter’d Isle P vf * +
Sophy’s Rose     P
St. Swithin P vf +
Strawberry Hill P vf +
Teasing Georgia Yb +
Tess of the D’Urbervilles R *
The Lady Gardener A vf
The Lark Ascending A
The Pilgrim Y vf
The Poet’s Wife Y vf
Thomas à Beckett R
Traquillity W +
Vanessa Bell     Y vf  
William Morris Ab
Winchester Cathedral W +
Windermere Wb vf
Wisley 2008 P
Wollerton Old Hall W vf
Young Lycidas Pb vf

Climbing Roses $29.98 each

Above All Ob +
Alchymist Av * K
Altissimo R *
America Ob vf *
Autumn Sunset Ab vf *
Awakening P * +
Bajazzo P +  K
Bathsheba (EC) Ab vf $34.98
Blaze R * +
Candyland Pb
Cape Diamond     P     +  
Cecile Brunner P *
Cherry Frost R +
Cloud 10       W     +  
Colette P vf * +
Don Juan R vf *
Dortmund R/W * + K
Dublin Bay R *
Eden P * +
Florentina R * K
Fourth of July R/W +
Frances E. Lester     W vf * +  
Fruity Petals Pb
Galway Bay P *
Garden Sun Ab
Ghislaine de Féligonde Y
Golden Cascade Y
Golden Showers Y
Good Day Sunshine Y
Handel Rb * +
Hella W K
Henry Kelsey R * +
Highwire Flyer P
Honeymoon Ab K
Iceberg W * +
Ilse Krohn Superior     W
James Galway (EC) P  * $34.98
Jasmina P vf K
Jeanne La Joie     P   * +  
John Cabot P vf * +
Joseph’s Coat Rb
Kiss Me Kate P vf * + K
Kordes Moonlight Yb K
Lady Banks White W vf * + $17.98 1-gal
Lady Banks Yellow Y vf * + $17.98 1-gal
Lady in Red R
Laguna P vf K
Lavender Crush M vf
Léontine Gervais (RA) Ab *
Louis Jolliet P vf
Marigold Y vf + K
New Dawn P vf * +
Pearly Gates P vf
Perfume Breeze P vf
Polka Ab *
Pretty in Pink Eden P *
Purple Splash Mb
Quicksilver Mb * K
Raspberry Cream P/W *
Red Eden R *
Royal Sunset     Ab vf * + 19.98 1-gal
Sky’s the Limit Y
Tangerine Skies O * K
The Albrighton Rambler (ERA) P $34.98
The Generous Gardener (EC) Pb vf $34.98
The Lady of the Lake (ERA) P $34.98
The Wedgewood Rose (EC) P $34.98
Top of the World       O/Y     +  
Tropical Lightning Ob
Valentine’s Day     R     +
Westerland Ob vf + K
White Dawn W vf
White Eden W *
Zéphirine Drouhin P vf +

Old Fashioned Roses $32.98 each
(unless otherwise noted)

Apothocary’s Rose     (GA) R vf *  
Austrian Copper (SP) O $29.98
Autumn Damask (DA) P * +
Ballerina (HMU) P * +
Baronne Prévost (HP) P vf *
Belle de Crecy     (GA) P   * +  
Blush Damask (DA) P vf +
Burgundian Rose     (GA) P vf * +  
Charles de Mills (GA) Rb * +
Cornelia     (HMU) Pb   *  
Eglanteria (SP) P vf * +
Erfurt     (HMU) Pb   *  
Erinnerung an Brod (HSE) Rb
Fantin-Latour (CE) P vf * +
Ferdinand Pichard     (HP) P/R vf   +  
Gipsy Boy     (BO) Rb   *    
Great Maiden’s Blush (AL) P vf
Harison’s Yellow (SP) Y * +  $29.98
Hebe’s Lip (DA) W/M
James Mason (GA) Rb vf +
Kazanlik (DA) P vf *
La Reine Victoria     (BO) M vf   +  
Leda (DA) W/R * +
Mme Isaac Pereire     (BO) P vf * +  
Marchesa Boccella (POR) P * +
Mrs. B.R. Cant     (TEA) P   * +  
Mutabilis (CH) Yb *  $29.98
Nootka Rose (SP) P +  $29.98
Paul Neyron (HP) P vf * +
Perisian Yellow     (SP) Y   *   $29.98
Pisocarpa (SP) P * + $29.98
Prosperity (HMU) Wb *
Reine de Violettes     (HP) M   *  
Rosa Mundi     (GP) P/W   *  
Rubrifolia (SP) P * +  $29.98
The Fairy (PO) P * +  $29.98
Tuscany Superb (GA) Mb vf * +
William Lobb (MO) R * +
Woods Rose (SP) P +  $29.98
Yolande d’Aragon (POR) Pb vf *

Rugosa Roses $29.98 each

Belle Poitevine (HRU) P vf * +
Blanc Double de Coubert (HRU) W vf *
David Thompson (HRU) P * +
Foxi Pavement (HRU) P +
Frau Dagmar Hartopp (HRU) P *
Hansa (HRU) M vf * +
Henry Hudson (HRU) W *
Hunter (HRU) R *
Jens Munk (HRU) P vf * +
Linda Campbell     (HRU) R   *  
Marie Bugnet (HRU) W vf *
Martin Frobisher (HRU) P vf +
Moje Hammerberg (HRU) M * +
Pink Pavement (HRU) P +
Purple Pavement (HRU) P * +
Quadra     (HKOR) R     +  
Raspberry Rugostar (HRU) P +
Roseraie de l’Hay (HRU) R vf * +
Rugelda (HRUK) Y +
Rugosa (SP) P * +
Rugosa Alba (SP) W * +
Snow Pavement (HRU) W +
Therese Bugnet (HRU) P * +
Topaz Jewel (HRU) Y
Wasagaming (HRU) P +


Groundcover Roses

$27.98 each

Alba Meidiland W * +
Apricot A * +
Coral     Ob     +  
Lemon     Yb   +  
Peach Ab +
Popcorn Yb * +
Red     R     +  
Sweet P * +
White W +
Flower Carpet
Amber A +
Appleblossom P +
Coral O +
Pink P +
Pink Splash Pb +
Pink Supreme P +
Red R +
Scarlet R +
White W +
Yellow Y +
Rainbow Happy Trails Pb +
Ralph’s Creeper Rb +
Red Ribbons     R   * + K
Sunset Happy Trails     Yb     +  
Sunshine Happy Trails     Yb     +  
White Meidiland W * +
Mini Roses & Floras
$27.98 each

All a’ Twitter

O +
Be my Baby P +
Children’s Hope     R     +  
Coffee Bean R +
Cutie Pie Yb +
Debut Sunblaze       R/Y     +  
Deja Blu (MF) P
Diamond Eyes Mb vf +
Edith’s Darling (MF) Ab vf +
Flawless (MF) P
Gourmet Popcorn W vf * +
Lemon Drop Y +
Life’s Little Pleasures   (MF) M     +  
Rainbow’s End Yb * +
Rainbow Sunblaze Yb +
Ruby Ruby R * +
Smoke Rings Ob +
Tiddly Winks Ob +
Whimsy     P/W     +  


Tree Roses

Diamond Eyes     M 18”     $49.98
Edith’s Darling     Y 18”     $49.98
Gourmet Popcorn W 18″ $39.98
Lemon Drop     Y 18”     $49.98
Ruby Ruby     R 18”     $49.98
Jump for Joy     Ab 24”     $59.98
Lava Flow     R 24”     $59.98
Sparkle & Shine     Y 24”     $59.98
Violet’s Pride     M 24”     $59.98
Double Delight     R/W 36”     $69.98
Flower Carpet Amber A 36″ $89.98
 Pink P 36″ $89.98
 White W 36″ $89.98
 Yellow Y 36″ $89.98
Iceberg W 36″ $69.98
Julia Child Y 36″ $69.98
Sexy Rexy     P 36′     $69.98
Trumpeter       R 36″     $69.98
Ebb Tide/Julia Child combo       M/Y 36″     $79.98



(Al) Alba
(BO) Bourbon
(CE) Centifolia
(CH) China
(DA) Damask
(EC) English Climber
(ERA) English Rambler
(ES) English Shrub
(FL) Floribunda
(GA) Gallica
(GC) Ground Cover
(GR) Grandiflora
(HK) Hybrid Kordesii
(HP) Hybrid Perpetual
(HSE) Hybrid Setigera
(HT) Hybrid Tea
(HMU) Hybrid Musk
(HRU) Hybrid Rugosa
(HWI) Hybrid Wichuriana
(K) Kordes
(MO) Moss
(MF) Mini-Flora
(PO) Polyantha
(POR) Portland
(RA) Rambler
(RU) Rugosa
(SH) Shrub
(SP) Species
vf VeryFragrant
+ Own Root
* ARS top rated rose


A = Apricot
b = blend
G = Green
M = Mauve/Purple
O = Orange
P = Pink
R = Red
W = White
Y = Yellow
Bold = new or returning for 2020
A $1 refund on Christianson’s Nursery rose containers
(for re-use on next year’s roses)